Success hunting

We will:

- seek your true self

- brainstorm dreams and develop plans

- increase self-confidence and motivation

Anastasia Kis creativity coach Анастасия Кис креативность курсы по креативности

Creativity laboratory

We will:

- develop creative thinking

- learn creativity tools

- find and develop ideas

White Washed Wood

Private coaching

I will help you:

- set and reach goals

- change thinking

I can be:

- your enthusiastic mentor
- the one who'll convince you to move

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Movie Club

We will:

- watch movies and cartoons

- discuss plot and dialogues

- play the roles of our favorite characters

Anastasia Kis english английский Анастасия Кис

Reading Club

We will:

- read various fiction books

- talk over what we read

- discuss ideas hidden in our favorite books

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Presentations from 10 min to 1.5h

Various topics: employee and self-motivation, recognition, self-actualization, goals setting

Storytelling and interactions

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Creative freelancer at your service

Анастасия Кис коуч коучинг Anastasia Kis coaching coach

Acting Club

Coming soon

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