Worthy of note

We all experience this feeling of insecurity from time to time. We cherish our desired dreams deep inside our brains while being reluctant to take a step forward. The worst result of this step could be, as it seems to us, a failure. Unfortunately, almost no one has ever asked themselves the most rational question: what the worst outcome I can get AND why it’s not worth worrying.

When it comes to dreams fulfillment, as a matter of fact, everyone unintentionally starts drawing various scenarios made up in their minds by combining own expectations, unreasonably high or low, with self-doubt warmed up by reflexing. In all these so to say screenplays something fearful and inevitable happens something like failure. Its shapes vary from one person to another but have one common feature – the feeling of one’s misery.

Nothing weakens and even demeans one’s self-esteem and intrinsic motivation like waiting for a failure does. How invincible and determined would our inner core be if only we stopped predicting something that hasn’t taken place yet and isn’t even likely to happen after consideration.

The best way to end up failing all our current tasks is to look forward to failing instead of setting a goal and building up its plan. Obstacles and unpredicted steps are less likely to ruin the future than thoughts about particularly negative outcome and reluctance to move forward.