DS #3. What is freedom?

Daily Scribbles #3 What is freedom to me?

The biggest freedom, the way I see it, is the everyday chance to choose: what to do or not, who to communicate with or avoid, where to go and where to stay, what to say or give and what to keep to yourself.

It sounds simple and obvious, but unfortunately not everyone has this chance. At least, not on everyday basis. Some of us have to go to work they don’t like, to do what doesn’t resonate with their values and priorities, to meet people who don’t respect them, to stay with who takes them for granted. All because there is no choice. There are bills to be payed, boring obligations to be accomplished in order to earn a living, low-intellectual conversations to be held to stay the part of a team.

Having been desiring to live independently, I have made a few decisions, some of them recently. I quit a job that didn’t suit me and settled down as a freelancer. Have sent a few of my best writings – poetry and sci-fi books drafts – to a publisher. Have applied for participation in several writing competitions around the globe.

Most of all, I have started claiming myself as a writer. And that’s when I really started feeling free and independent. That’s what freedom means to me. It’s an everyday choice – to write a new poem or keep on one of my books, to agree on a new freelance project or make time for myself, to dream about possibilities and success or fight to make it real.

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