DS #2. What happens, if.

Daily Scribbles #2 I would like to see what happens, if…

There are one million and two more options I could have used here, but I’ve chosen the best fit one. I would like to see what happens, if I don’t fear anything. I would pay a fortune to watch my life constantly developing and improving when I know for sure I can, when I stop doubting myself, when it’s kind of a legal rule – to succeed wherever you go and whatever you do.

Every time, to my greatest shame, before posting a new article, essay or another think-piece or sending my recent book drafts to the publisher, I start panicking preoccupied with self-destroying thoughts. There is a whole variety of them, but some appear as often as the dearest guests do.

Have I written what I considered thoroughly? Or is it a raw material made of what my occasional thoughts have brought to the table? Isn’t it too long or short, too simple or complicated, too far from the topics I work on or slightly repetitive? Is it clear to show my point of view and help my readers to think it over or there is just my resolution without any open ending to make thinking fly for good?

If only could I stop this frustrating geyser, I would post more often, I would write less to hide into the desk and more for the wide audience, I would not be so embarrassed to admit all the books I’ve written since there are even more to come, so there is no reason to deny I am a writer.

I would like to see what happens.

DS#0. The challenge I've created for myself to beat procrastination and melancholy.