There was a reason

Anastasia Kis poem there was a reason

There was a reason in my coming

In stepping on this vivid land

For building new and loyal chumming

In leaving homeplace, warm and bland.

There was a reason to abandon

My own planet far away

Amazing place too hard to stand in

What Universe of yours cannot gainsay.

There was a reason to explore

To give a chance this tricky berth

That’s when I’d left my common chore

And have come by to visit Earth.

There was a reason to confide

Exploring unfamiliar world

To try not seeing hidden snide

In the discoveries around being whirled.

There was a reason to compare,

To get to know, adjust, observe

By hearing Humans to prepare

To share with them immortal oeuvre.

There was a reason to befriend

These grumpy strangers just like you

To teach them how to comprehend

The Universe and spaces clue.

There was a reason to create

The piece of art to show them how

Both our worlds are joined to fete

The cosmic wisdom we should bow.

There was a reason to be friendly

While roaming among earthlings

To be attentive, patient, cuddly

While being called a weirdo for no sins.

There was a reason to obey

By trying hard to match their scheme

By thinking what they can relate

By doing what they call mainstream.

There was a reason to await

When they are ready to cognize

My real reason to restate

How fragile world of them likewise.

There was a reason to explain

To everyone I’ve met on route

It is the Universe itself who deign

To answer the main of Human’s moot.

When did the Universe appear?

What was the purpose of its birth?

What helps the Humans life be clear

While looking for your place on Earth?

What is Time itself in fact?

Why can’t you see it, but can feel?

How does it choose what to neglect?

And when it’s right to stimulate your zeal?

What is your goal in this world?

How can you find it for sure?

How can you set your sail unfurled

And near true vocation moor?

How can you guess I’m not from here?

And where to find souls like me?

Why do you definitely need to hear

What else we’ve got to share with thee?

The only question I forgot

Was something I’m still unsure of.

Was there a reason here me brought?

Or was it found here thereof?

Anastasia Kis