There is always a choice

Spending time on the Internet in this cool July morning, I stumbled upon an interesting article posted on the blog of a major Russian publishing house. It contained quotes from dozens of books on self-development that have already been published or are being prepared for publication. One of the phrases that caught my attention was the words of Stephen Covey, presented in the “Don’t read this book” written by Donald Roos:

“I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions”

Stephen Covey (1932-2012) was a well-known best-selling author, business consultant, lecturer and speaker. He wrote, on his own and in co-authorship, about a dozen books on the management and management of life and organizational management.

If you get a grasp - an impressive biography. And not less impressive words. They are applicable not only to the people mentioned in Wikipedia and books of other authorship. Every person, regardless of social status, profession, income, level and quality of life, is situated wherever and doing whatever he chooses for himself.

Every day we make a choice. When we go to our beloved, or not, work, when we interact with people or reject them, when we make plans for the weekend, vacation, old age. But there is a kind of choice that many people don’t even think about. This choice is not even considered as such. Often it is taken for fate, chance or the result of exposure from outside: the circumstances of time, place. Anything but a choice. Because a person doesn’t want to believe that he and only he is responsible for his life, for each of its sides. This is the choice of mood, attitude, principles, behaviors.

And even the direction and quality of life.

Easy: being angry. And blaming lack of sleep or a crowded subway with traveling companions stepping on your feet for being in a bad mood.

Difficult: to find a piece of joy in the sea of ​​negativity: rising sun or a colorful sunset, a few chapters of your favorite book on the way to work, a message from a loved one - and to smile.

Easy: being sad. And blaming the bad weather, silent phone or lack of inspiration for your sadness.

Difficult: to take shelter from the rain under a colorful umbrella, to be the first to write to friends and look at the world with a smile, to which, by the way, Muse positively responds. And so do the people around.

Easy: complaining about career / personal life / debts. Find like-minded people and double the amount of whining.

Difficult: to learn, grow, find your place or start your own business. Stop the poisoning relationship and re-form the environment, filling it with good and purposeful people. Finally, learn how to handle personal finances, find and provide yourself with passive income, stop living on credit, beyond your means.

Referring to the fate is easier than to realize that we ourselves create it. Our daily thoughts, words and actions determine the course of further events. That is why it is so important to carefully ponder everything that you think, say, do. And never hope for a "lucky coincidence." This simply doesn’t exist in nature. This is where the quote of the American columnist Earl Wilson comes in:

"Success is a matter of chance. Any loser will tell you about it"

Do not think that sitting with a can of beer / glass of wine / cup of tea, you suddenly "catch luck by the tail." And then everything will be "as it should be". Open your eyes. You will remain sitting with a can in your hands until you take a vertical position and start doing something.

What is the word "luck"? What is it, how does it look, can you touch or count it, express it in some units? And what does luck mean to you?

Luck doesn’t exist. But the possibilities are real. And they are given every day to every person, constantly throughout life. Just some people don’t see these opportunities, while others are not able to use it for several reasons (a matter of personal choice!).

You can every week win the lottery. But without knowing how to handle money, you will lose it even faster than you received it, without changing anything in your life.

You can dream of working near the seacoast or in giant companies that have settled in the harsh stone jungle, and get an offer, but never accept it without knowing the language, without having been trained, without experience.

You can have a magical musical voice and excellent hearing - the dream of producers - but never get world fame without overcoming the fear of the scene.

It is not enough to see the opportunity, you need to be able to use it. And to risk changing everything by making a choice between what your life now and what it can be in the future.

Here is one more quote. And enough for today.

“Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.” - Zig Ziglar

Be prepared.