The Art

What is creativity? For each there is his own definition. For some, it is a way of self-expression, for someone a source of inspiration, for others an element for contemplation and attaining through this harmony in feelings and thoughts and peace of mind. Creativity can take various forms and sizes, change colors, manifest itself only for a moment, or be present with active flashes for a long time. It can be set by the current trend in art, or it can act as an independent direction at the turn of epochs or in their continuation. Despite the many faces, creativity has two main features, which can be seen in any time, any group, and under any conditions. It has no age, is never outdated, and it is able to awaken in a person, be it an author or a spectator, his best features and awareness of life.

Creativity surrounds us, we live in it, but not everyone can notice it and feel its positive influence on himself: on mood, general well-being and chaotic flow of habitual thoughts. Any element created from the creative idea of ​​a person, having its own shape, color and design as a whole, is a product of creativity. This work can delight, surprise, give rise to mixed feelings, and sometimes frighten, embarrass, and rekindle quiet or turbulent uncertainty, but it cannot but cause any reaction.

Contrary to popular belief, creativity does not need talent. It is only a convenient and optional addition, but not more. In art very often it is the quantity that develops into quality, and not vice versa. That is why everything, any of its kinds, can be learned. The result will depend on many factors: on the selected teacher, tools, time, and effort, but never on the talent that many capable authors simply throw away or use for other purposes. And sometimes a person does not even know that he has some talent, often remaining in ignorance his whole life.

Many truly talented authors are exchanged for “fashionable” work or secondary searches for themselves, not wanting to admit that creativity is their path. They consider numbers instead of mixing colors, fill millions of bureaucratic forms of the same type instead of giving birth to a book, deliver parcels or arrange phone calls to useless forms instead of designing architectural masterpieces or creating decorative objects.

Many non-talented professionals often have very informative, colorful and exciting hobbies, but do not even think about sharing the results of their work with others. Some consider their hobby unworthy of promulgation, while others do not even know how important it is to share ideas and works with the world. After all, for some it can be a way to have a fun or unusual weekend, for others, can be the meaning of life. Many lost personalities who are trying to find themselves in the work sometimes do not even realize how many forms there are, how many opportunities there are and how easy they are to use. "Acting" authors could help them in this labyrinth-like search only by showing their work and telling their story.

Never lose your mood or motivation. Do not ignore the creative impulses. Creativity is able to raise a person to a qualitatively new level, give new sensations and impressions, paint everyday work and help to see this world in bright colors. Create art, find uncharted creative trails, become pioneers and beacons for others. Become the ambassadors of creativity, the authors of unique works, and there will become much more happiness in this world drowned in everyday routine.