That cozy place

poem that cozy place anastasia kis

If I were asked about home for me

I would be smiling sadly, reminiscing

On place where I was born before to flee

In an eternal search of what I didn’t see.

Before my eyes would rise few pictures

Right from the deepest memory of mine

The place with such enchanting features

That make my heart and mind shine.

Magnificent and proud planet

Is settled on the farthest of the space

Drowning in sunrays like in blanket

And living in unhurried slower pace.

There are so many endless seas

Vast plains, green forests and warm light.

There are no wars, deception or disease

But lots of real feelings, joy, delight.

This place has never heard of winter

Has never known hunger and distress.

Eternity has always been the part of inner

Senescence is what we do not possess.

So many traits forgotten by your land

The sense of dignity, morality and honor

Still live and thrive in my homeland

Remain the virtue as essential, proper.

The residents of this bewitching place

Don’t know what the imposture means.

They challenge and a hardship face

Together only like best friends or teams.

These families keep holding hearth

These friends are only loyal, devotee.

These people know the value of the mirth

Each other’s victories they meet with glee.

While writing all these praising lines

I cannot help but smiling warmly.

Recalling first days here with signs

Of former sameness I’ll tell shortly.

Before the time I almost realized

The Earth has lost its goodness

I saw the tiniest marks disguised

As something else against my sureness.

I saw few hopeful things around

Which made me think you’re the same.

I saw how smiles and hugs surround

The real friendship not to feign.

I saw the real love and chumming,

The loyal partnership and trust.

The real beauty, refined and stunning,

The wisdom in the experiences dust.

But then I saw among the earthlings

Those individuals so hostilely disposed.

They were rejecting widespread feelings

By shaming people for being disclosed.

Since then it has become so wrong

To make a friend with someone odd

To be yourself for the lifelong

To love whoever in your heart is hold.

How dare you to judge and scold

The fellows from your own world?

How dare you to be so silly bold

By choosing what must be felt and told?

Stop overrating the impact

You think you have on others.

Try to understand, forgive, accept

Regardless of the feelings, cultures.

Stay on your own path you chose

Without weighing and competing.

All people from both of our worlds

Deserve to live just freely breathing.

And only then you’ll see around

How world of you will start to change.

Transforming to the place that sound

So impeccable to settle there, and not estrange.

Anastasia Kis