Stability! Stability?..

There is nothing stable in the world. Except for the running pace of time. The human’s life and the Universe cannot be paused. Everything else is only in our head. There is no 100% stable job or relationship. You cannot know when and what organization will be affected by the economic crisis, when and how much personnel shortages or, on the contrary, abundance will affect you personally. You cannot predict all interpersonal conflicts. It may seem to you that, for example, your current work with always paid on time salart is stability. But in reality, this is just an illusion with which the brain entertains itself.

This mirage is a simple manifestation of the instinct of self-preservation. Receiving something on a regular routine basis, the brain begins to feel protected from external stress, and a sense of comfort comes. Here it is, a pattern appeared.

Our brain is lazy and does not like when something actively and often changes. It is more comfortable for it to work according to a pattern, this is a less energy-consuming action. And that is the problem. Because while living within the framework of the template, the brain loses its ability to accept changes, and thinking loses its flexibility. That is why a person who has lost his job or got divorced experiences extreme stress, supplemented by panic thoughts such as “How to live now. What to do next. What will be tomorrow". Because yesterday, the brain was sure that every day would certainly repeat the previous one. To prevent such a breakdown, in order to maintain clarity and criticality of thinking in difficult periods, which include the notorious “search for oneself” and achievement of goals, it is necessary to get rid of the patterns, and also develop a breadth of thinking in order to search for new ways.

The first step is to recognize the illusory nature of stability. It is necessary to begin to perceive instability as part of the life of the world. Everything around is changeable. The world is evolving. And a man does with it. Therefore, we need to teach our brains to find comfort in other things, proving to it that phantom stability is nothing more than stagnation. Do not corner yourself with the question “What will happen tomorrow?”. This day will come, the sun will rise again. Many doors and opportunities will be open again for you, the same thing happens all 365 days a year continuously throughout your life. We are changing, growing up. Under the influence of our external and internal changes, the reality in which we live is being transformed. The human brain and the body are a fantastic result of centuries of evolution, one of the most invaluable gifts of which is the ability to adapt. Do not give up this natural gift, narrowing the comfort zone within the ghostly stability’s boundaries. All changes that can challenge a person lead only to one thing - to his own growth.