DS #5. Self-coaching.

Daily Scribbles #5 If I was my own coach, what coaching would I give myself right now?

Honestly, the best topic my favorite app could have given me for now.

I’m still learning and getting used to coach other people, when I help them look for their yet hidden talents, better career paths, higher goals, more satisfying results. I’m happy when working with others to unlock their creative potential, teaching them how to make more reasonable decisions and stay highly productive, showing them what surprises this world has up its sleeve.

I’m still learning what it means to be a coach, to help through trustful communication and self-made interactive games. But never did I think what coaching I would give myself, because what’s for?

I’m not claiming myself flawless or strong enough to manage all the difficulties that pop up in front of me from time to time. However, I’ve always tried all the exercises and methods on me before starting to teach others how to use it. That has never been the direct coaching through finding out and realization of what is needed, why, for how long, though. Actually, I’d never had this question on my mind before the freewriting app asked me.

I got this question yesterday and spent about ten hours so far to think it over. If I were my own client, what questions would I ask myself? What advices would I need? Which one of my all-time favorite parables would I use to cheer me up and motivate to move forward?

The more I was considering it, the more I was realizing how far I am from the calm and inspired state I usually help others to reach. Not because I’m not motivated or too lazy or befriended procrastination for no good. But because my mind seems so busy with figuring out how to help everyone around and beyond, that I’ve completely forgotten to slow down occasionally, reflect on what road was covered, what lessons were learnt, which of my plans may need a little adjusting. Seemingly, that’s what makes me feel nervous for no apparent reason.

The best advices for today would be to shut down my laptop, turn off my cell, relax and think about nothing. At least for today. That’s what mental healing is about. That’s what all creative and ambitious people need from time to time. So be it. For today. And maybe a bit longer.

DS#0. The challenge I've created for myself to beat procrastination and melancholy.