See you offline

I refuse to believe in the effectiveness of the online learning format when it comes to personal growth and self-development trainings. Work on oneself like nothing else requires a conscious approach, directed hard work, willpower, and, of course, motivation. Nothing inspires you to start your own winning path more than the visible real result of another person. Working in a group allows you to maintain the level of motivation in each of the participants: someone due to visualization of the feasibility of the goal on the basis of the results already achieved by others, someone due to the spirit of competition.

The online format of the training has a huge number of advantages: the participant does not need to spend time and money on getting to class, you can take the training sitting in your apartment in a comfortable chair with a cup of tea or something stronger, the organizer saves up on renting space, and also has the opportunity to record most of the materials in advance without having to repeat the same conclusions many times for each new group. And there are much more participants in this format in each session: the webinar allows you to enter the group if you have access to the internet and an hour or two in the evening or at any other time carefully selected by the organizers.

But there is one drawback of online training, covering even such an impressive number of advantages. Webinar creates only the illusion of presence: of people, ideas, and results. In fact, watching the progress through the monitor screen and headset, the participant sees an amateur adaptation of many favorite articles describing ways to fulfil dreams, get rid of laziness, become more effective.

A participant sits at home or in the comfort zone of solitude in the far corner of the cafe. He is not nervous because of his natural modesty, is not afraid not to pick up words or say nonsense, is not lost, hearing the voices of such a large number of listeners of the webinar or the instructor. Just because he's alone. These people aren't around. He can disconnect from the webinar at any time, if he finds it boring. He can skip the "live format" and later view the published material on the topic.

And as long as he feels so good and calm in his cocoon, adrenaline and internal motivation will not help him open up, light up, find the best solution, enter the competition. As long as others are not able to see firsthand the results and evaluate them, as long as these "observers" do not sit around, just as himself embarrassed and sharing mistakes and opinions, a person will not be able to sensibly assess the path that he is just going to start or has already overcome in whole or in part.

Day by day, with the growth of the number of internet users, resources, online opportunities, the already rather thinned line between lies and reality is increasingly erased. Everywhere it is possible to observe how the person began to embellish all conscious life: from dishes on his table and the clothes, to the appearance of this person and his sphere of activity. Some come up with a "fashion hobby", others pretend to be engaged in them. People are so used to "retouch" their everyday life that are not capable of objective analysis and searching for solutions while online.

Only by communicating with “alive” person can you critically evaluate your skills, desires, and results. You can feel like a part of a real group with its moods, feelings, and expectations. You can feel how the competitive spirit raises a wave of motivation somewhere inside: where the real self hides.