Motivation is a support, not a solution. Part I

Motivational speakers. Who are they?

They are professional speakers whose speech is intended to motivate and inspire the audience. The duration of their performances can vary greatly from half an hour to several hours and have an interactive format when there is an active interaction with the audience. But more often it is a kind of lecture, consisting of the story of the speaker's biography, personal conclusions in the form of well-known formulations and a few jokes to maintain attention and a small discharge or smoothing complex moments. The most popular and in demand motivational speakers are in America and Australia and they are gradually beginning to gain pace in Europe and Asia. In Russia, as of in 2019, there are too few of them.

Interesting fact – there is an incredible number of motivational speakers-men, and among women practicing such lectures, you can select maybe only Jessica Cox. This is an American-Filipino, born without hands, which did not prevent her from becoming an airplane pilot. Bachelor of psychology, relatively recently (2015) published an autobiography "Disarm your limits".

Interesting fact №2 – 99% of all motivational speakers, now living and already gone, are certainly wealthy people who have achieved heights on their own, but starting from the ground, if not even lower. They came from very poor or dysfunctional families and have experienced hardship and limitations. There is a small percentage of motivational speakers who have serious health problems or are born with physical problems, such as Jessica Cox and Nick Vujicic. But despite the difficulties, they were able to build a full and happy life.

All these people are examples of incredible willpower. And their achievements are truly admirable. And that's exactly what short-term external motivation is. External – because it is based on an example from the outside. Motivation – because in the mind of the listener it draws a picture of a man with nothing, who through perseverance and diligence has achieved dizzying heights. Here he is, standing in front of us. So, I can do that, too.

But short-term - because the external "kick" is not enough for a long time. This can be an interesting and beautiful example, but it usually differs from the main motives driving the person. And every picture melts pretty quickly when confronted with reality. A man leaves the lecture winged – he is pretty sure he can achieve anything. And then goes to his not the most, perhaps, favorite work. Then household issues at home. Subway and traffic jam with the same bored and lost people. And suddenly that fabulous depiction of the perfect future first smudged, not coinciding with reality, and then disappeared at all. Motivation is elapsed.

Motivational speakers do not teach skills, do not give a scheme to achieve the desired. They tell their story, their own way from nothing to having everything. It motivates because in front of your eyes is a living example of conditional sign "Everyone can do it!". Yes, everyone can. But very few will do. And that's at best.

Despite the resemblance of biographies of motivational speakers, they all started with different types of "nothing". With different activities, with different knowledge/skills/resources, found different opportunities and had or built around themselves a different environment.

Once you move a little away from the equation "poverty + effort = wealth" and you notice that the success stories, though equally great, but are not identical. And repeating them will not work for objective reasons.

Do not forget the simple math. To an ordinary clerk it seems that there are so many successful people who have risen from nothing. But there are 7 billion people on Earth, and about only two hundred motivational speakers. And as many big businessmen and representatives of Bohemia, made a dizzying career on their own and only, and starting from the ground. So, just consider the probability to everyone to follow the route of any of them.

Speeches of motivational speakers, as well as any short-term external motivation, are good as a quick start "kick" for the lazy and insecure or a kind of means-anti-stress for two categories of people:

- lost. Who doesn’t understand where he is in his life and where to go next. Or who just doesn't know what he wants.

- ambitious. Who sees the goal, doesn’t see obstacles, but who doesn’t know how to achieve this very goal.

People with good self-organization will finally start doing something after having this magic "kick" from motivational speaker. But all the rest, unfortunately, will feel only short-term euphoria, after which they will start to grieve with double power. This is reality.

Any external "kicks" are good for periodic encouragement. That is why I always advise my readers and listeners to read the biographies of people who have achieved similar goals or listen to motivational speakers. Somewhere in the evening, after work, on the way home, when this "slap" is able to help to take themselves in tired hands and do something, continue your projects to achieve all your goals, whatever they may be.

Modern motivational speakers, at least some of them, are people who have set a goal to help and inspire other people on the way to their self-development and achieving goals. They are able to raise a person's faith in himself, help him to start moving in the chosen direction, and not to stop in the face of difficulties.

But only you are able to go this way to the end and fulfill all your dreams. No one can do it for you.

Get inspired and motivated, but don't forget to move. Good luck.

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