Looking for your true self

In the modern world it has become incredibly fashionable to look for yourself. Spending time on trying to find one’s true self, vocation, and purpose of life seems to be the greatest challenge and a popular goal for millions of people. Meanwhile, many successful and truly happy people share their experience that has shown how fallacious this belief is. Not only does the wide majority of these searches end up as soon as a person faces the difficulty of getting to know himself, it also leads to more complicated questions arising inside his mind such as what his talents are, where it can be applied, what must be done next.

looking for your true self Anastasia Kis how to find yourself self-development

Every single day, we unintentionally stumble upon an abundance of advices and rules of this search. However, too few people seem to have doubts or, even better, try to consider it thoroughly and ask themselves the following question. Have you lost yourself? If, due to certain negative circumstances, you suddenly lost memory, then everything is clear - look for yourself through special techniques and medicaments under the supervision of a qualified doctor. But if you don't suffer from amnesia or a split personality, then who are you going to look for? Here you are, whole and complete, reflexing on the past experiences, current issues, and prospective opportunities. Are not you?

The 12th century Persian poet said: “Every being is intended to be on Earth for a certain purpose”. And having felt this deep inside their minds all their lives since the moment they were born, people rush towards this feeling of fulfilment not realizing what exactly a purpose means. As a result, many of them stay dissatisfied, often giving up on finding out why they are here, and what can fill their lives with meaning. They keep asking themselves what they are capable of, and what advantages it gives them on their path.

That is to say, all the attempts people make to find their true selves according to this modern fashion sometimes, if not to say quite often, lead to a chase-like life where the most significant moments of this precious lifetime bring nothing but frustration. While running on this searching path, a person forgets about present time, here and now, where his true purpose, goals, happiness, and joy reside and wait to be not found but developed.

Every human being is born with the personal set of talents, points of view, capabilities, and expectations. And it is not going to be revealed until a person stops in his chase for a moment, looks back on the road covered, and considers what is needed to be enhanced, developed, or thrown away. A purpose of life isn’t something to be found, it’s already hidden inside every living person and waits to be opened like a Christmas gift wrapped in many layers of insecurities, personal questions, fears, and hopes.

looking for your true self Anastasia Kis how to find yourself self-development

In conclusion, it is highly important to remind of the obvious and simple truth. You found yourself at the very moment you were born. When you appeared in this world and felt the first emotion, heard the first thought, and then the inner voice. You come to this world as a full-fledged person with your character, ideas and hopes, talents and weaknesses. You are a full-fledged person with a name, living on a planet next to billions of such personalities. And none of you is lost.

Anastasia Kis