Letter to the inner self


What’s wrong with you?

I feel something is bothering you. I hear an uncertain and weak voice that is afraid to speak about its desires and needs. I see the extinct gaze and shoulders down of a woman who was lost on her path.

In the cool thick fog of running time and changing reality, I see so many paths, and you are now at their crossroads. Someone turned away from you, many have forgotten, almost no one understands. I feel their disapproval and criticism take away your strength and restrain movement. I know that you are scared and sometimes lonely. It seems to you that no one is able to hear you. I understand that spikes of rudeness and sarcasm appeared on you in an attempt to protect your thoughts.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath. Listen to the fog around you. In your power to become part of the dialogue of the universe. It is in your power to go any road, whichever path you choose.

Look up at the stars. They are not hidden. They hear you. Tell them what you think and dream about. You need to finally realize that the mask you are hiding behind and the chains that prevent you from taking a step are the consequences of you letting others choose.

So many times you agreed with what contradicted you. So often you allowed to lead you forgetting about the direction you preferred.

I feel that you are tired. I feel how hard it is for you to straighten your shoulders and look up from the ground.

Listen to me, I'm here to help. I understand you, and we will do it together. I know what makes you happy. I know you better than anyone. Together, we will achieve all the heights that we set for ourselves. Choose a path. I'll be there. I will not leave you.

Here is a piece of paper and a pen. Let's write your story.