Less plans, more action

Someone W was sitting in front of an old work desk littered with piles of written papers. Drawings have long been mixed with tables, notes with business plans, incoming letters with incomplete outgoing, and personal reminders with working papers. A certain idea, project, accumulation of hopes and desires existed in the head of W for a long time. Too long.. The idea is ripe, faded and bloomed. Periodic flashes of activity did not make it closer and warmer, and W, like years ago, continued to examine its schemes, its plans and best practices, not hurrying to bring them to life.

Time passed, and now the dream despaired to reach W. She gave him goodbye fear of failure and a sense of insecurity, and left. And now someone else got it and was eager to carry it out. A pile of papers didn’t appear. Only a small stack of “I want and can do it” and “I want to do it, but I don’t know how yet”. And at this moment, piece by piece, the dream began to take shape, turning into a material object that you can see, touch, which you can enjoy and share.

You can not achieve anything, just sitting and doing nothing. The article will not appear if, playing a smartphone, you drop it on the keyboard. Paintings are not pleasing to the eye, if the artist, as if in a creative addiction, buys paints every weekend, but opens none of them. One can endlessly tell everyone in a row how great it would be to make a film about this or that, or maybe to play it himself, but no one will see these thoughtful plots in color and movement unless the author of the idea studies the volume of literature teaching scripts, and do not write his own story.

To make a dream come true, the approach to its implementation must be conscious and carefully thought out. But never forget the sense of proportion. The more complex and unrealistic the dream, the more points you will have in your plan, but it should not replace the work itself. Having thought up the concept and the first steps, you need to immediately begin to act, making the following steps along the way, correcting them as you go. The sooner you start to act, the sooner you will see the results. And continuing to plan, you risk never seeing them.

No matter how wonderful and useful in the eyes of their author is a new technological idea or digital development, people will not be able to get to know them and appreciate them if starting out will remain only on paper. There would not be startups and start-up entrepreneurs, new breakthrough ideas and discoveries if all their creators and developers were rewriting their plans day after day, rethinking the details and looking for all the pitfalls without even having time to deal with them.

If the idea is intended to find its audience and take a seat in the hearts and minds of people, then it will spread itself, changing forms and appearances under the strict supervision of its author. It is impossible to think in advance about all its metamorphosis and all the difficulties that will be faced. There are similar mistakes and failures, but there are no two identical success stories. Success has no formula. Start and see what happens.