Keep up with the times

To the note: the future has come. Almost all the services, as well as financial, trade and educational areas, like many others following them, have gone to the vastness of the world wide web. And this is happening here and now. We can satisfy almost all our needs without getting up off the couch. We need only a PC or a smartphone and Internet access at a speed that does not irritate the shaky nervous system of a modern individual. You can pay utility bills, order food or cleaning services, make an appointment with a hairdresser or a dentist, check the progress of your offspring or debts for taxes and credits, choose and pay a tour for your next vacation or an online education course to improve your qualifications. Only by opening a browser and making some intuitive actions, you can see any point of the world, buy everything that can and cannot be imagined, contact a person from overseas, get a diploma from the most prestigious university in Europe or America, and all this without having to turn off the working tabs, because the distance work also ceased to be an innovation.

The Internet is a global information field where you can grow yourself without leaving your usual walls and habits. This is the environment in which you can build your image, business, network of career and friendly links, find like-minded people and new ideas. It is a mirror and a shadow of generation and knowledge, where it is easier and faster to see all the "waves": art, professional career and social movements, as well as the dynamics and prospects for the development of this world, in general and all its separate parts. This is the first resource that every living person addresses when he wants to actualize his knowledge in this or that field or to understand the latest and new popular trends in order to keep up with the young and ambitious generation and not get lost when using it in the usual speech of former once terrible words: mainstream, flash mob, innovation, hype and many others.

Gradually, the phrase "this is not fashionable" partially loses its meaning. Today, more than ever, "not fashionable" means not modern, not relevant and not in demand. These have become many areas of training in higher and secondary educational institutions, professions and hobbies. The market was oversaturated by specialists in the spheres that were "fashionable" in the past decade. Today, these graduates do not have the work for which they were trained or which they could carry out. Some professions were automated or digitized, and its representatives were left without past working conditions and prospects. More and more spheres of our professional and personal life are striving for the vastness of the Internet or for fields leading to it or from it.

In the modern world it has become an inadmissible luxury to choose one profession for the whole life, as well as to spend most of it in one workplace. Such constancy gives every year fewer prospects and even fewer opportunities. Without expanding our knowledge continuously while stopping in our education on the diploma received once many years ago, it is impossible to keep up with the time in which we now live. Now the education, obtained according to the standard scheme, has time to become obsolete and lose relevance even before the receipt of such a "cherished" crust for some reason. Without developing, a person imperceptibly, but very quickly and practically irretrievably, becomes an unclaimed specialist or stuck on the lower steps of the career ladder, which only a few years earlier could so quickly rise.

Leave the "school-university-office" patterns laid down by past generations. One education is not enough, two or three too. Ignorance of foreign languages ​​will block you from so many opportunities that our grandparents did not even suspect. Lack of diligent self-education and an expanded knowledge of the world will make it possible to earn a living as before but can no longer make a valuable employee from a rank-and-file specialist with global growth prospects. The same office that agreed to "shelter" an unconfined college or university alumni will not be able to provide with such extensive skills and knowledge, without which one cannot relate to the modern generation, to a person who has seen the future and lives in it.

You can endlessly flaunt the diploma, your such detailed knowledge in one sphere, but this is nothing more than professional blindness, inability to go beyond the current position and develop at the same pace with the world. As will not allow this to be done and a superficial reading of the grains thrown into the net.

The future is here and now. It is global, changeable and incredibly interesting. Give the chance: to future to raise your life to a new level, and to yourself, to see, hear and understand this world and know for sure what will be useful to it and what will bring you satisfaction and success.