It's not me. Well, another me.

Today I would like to talk about landmarks. More precisely, about people on whom you can and should look up to on the way to achieving your goals. In the past, I wrote an article about sources of inspiration, there was a lot said about people in whom we often find ideas and answers for developing ourselves and our creativity.

The benefits of inspiration cannot be overestimated. It gives us new thoughts for thinking, ideas for implementation and non-standard options for solving certain problems. But sometimes for the first, or 101st step, there is not enough visualization of the results, a clear vision of what one really wants to achieve.

Here, landmarks come to the rescue. Someone who has already reached the heights that you dream of. Someone who was able to overcome obstacles that seem impregnable to you. Consciously or not, you start to look up to such people, copy their actions or habits, monitor their route and the decisions made on it.

Finding such a landmark is a great success. And the more this person meets your expectations regarding your own future, the more you want to exclaim Bingo! The main thing, however, in the process of studying his biography is not to get afraid and not to abandon the dream.

Basically, finding a human landmark is not so difficult. Whatever a person dreams of, someone has already done it. Or something very close to that. But it also happens that in this person you can find qualities that you really would not want to instill in yourself. Or you already have them and you want to get rid of them. I'm not talking about early awakenings, weekend work, and giving up coffee and sweets. These habits guarantee absolutely nothing. With or without them, you are able to achieve your goals. Just believe, with time you will understand.

It is much more difficult when the chosen landmark has obvious problems with socialization, and you dream of becoming a speaker. Or he leads such a successful and so coveted business, using techniques that are contrary to your principles and attitudes.

It is impossible to fix another person. Often even changing yourself is a seemingly overwhelming task. So, what then to do? Continue to wander in search of the very ideal whose qualities and achievements are spelled out in your dream, or even abandon external guidelines and act on a hunch, independently drawing a step-by-step result in your head? The ideal option is in the middle.

Without a doubt, to have before your eyes a successful example of a person who has realized a common dream with you means to have an active visualization of your plans and aspirations. And the clearer the result is seen, the more competent and thoughtful the steps and the more faith in yourself. How not to believe that you can, when there is evidence that everything is feasible.

But for the visualization to be complete, you need not only to draw a script, but also to see yourself in it. The one who has all the necessary and / or desired qualities overcomes difficulties and makes a dream come true. Presenting the ideal “I” in an ideal moment, you will understand what you are missing now and how to become that ideal.

It is not the first year that the method of reconstructing the Alter ego is gaining popularity. The benefits of this technique have been revised more than once. And in the end, it defended the right to enter the methodological guidelines of psychologists and self-development coaches. Many examples of this technique are familiar to all active Internet users. For example, in order to attract wealth, it is advised to introduce yourself as a wealthy person and begin to think and behave accordingly. If you want to break out of your introverted cocoon or overcome shyness, imagine that you have already overcome all the barriers, are already outgoing and open to the new. Communicate more, practice small-talk with strangers, do not be afraid to ask again, not to understand, to get into an awkward situation. Do not reject people and try to concentrate your attention more often on the outside world and the people around you, and not just on your thoughts.

These seemingly “empty” methods help our brain gain experience that, outside these practices, will push us out of our comfort zone and confuse us. Find materials on the Internet, find books - scientists have long proved that our brain is much more mysterious and illogical than it seemed at a time when it was just beginning to be studied. Many studies have been published that prove that we are able to gain experience by doing virtually nothing. With the power of consciousness, illnesses are cured, weight is lost, sciences are studied and even the psychotype of a person is changing!

Educated and smart people have long had no doubts in a scientific theory that proves the connection of our thoughts with the reality in which we live. Just imagine what you can achieve if you make your mind believe that everything is possible, that all knowledge and skills are already there, that only your first step is left for the dream to come true.

It remains, however, only to figure out how to convince others that your inexhaustible need to speak with neighbors on the subway and the habit of reading poetry aloud in Chinese is not you but your Alter ego.