I'll stay uncommon

You asked me why I can’t be normal

Be ordinary just like you and them.

I ask you why you can’t be more informal

And tell me all about widespread spam.

It is about being plain and pleasing:

Keep studying, work, get hired and marry.

Deify your parents, children, power

Be diligent, opinionated, wary.

Like any ordinary human

Be the disciple of tradition.

Become yourself only assuming

You will fulfill generic mission.

I look at you and cannot get

If you are kidding me right now

Or trying hard to cover me with net

Of rubbish Earth produced somehow.

Where did you find this false knowledge?

Why do you think I’ll comprehend?

Why should I have my dreams demolished

Just to appease this churlish land?

I thank you for the information

You’ve given me with no success

To persuade me follow your dictation.

I’ll stay uncommon, nonetheless.

Anastasia Kis