I don't care

What a rant, isn’t it? Such a statement is a blatant insolence. And moreover, there is the modestly defiant cover.

Let's make it clear.

What I'm talking about? I care about the people I love and the things I do. Just because I do what I like. And that's the point. I don't care what other people think I should do.

For some reason, people simply cannot stand by without giving advice. And the older a person becomes and the more diverse his environment is, the more “wisdom” you will hear from him. This is not at all an indicator of experience or lack of tact (although not without it). This is just one of the manifestations of social activity that is inherent in each of us.

It is good if the person who received the “advice” knows what he wants from life, what makes him happy, and has far-reaching plans covering all areas of his (and only his) life. But if a person is not sure of his chosen position, easily becomes a slave and is susceptible to suggestion and manipulation, then he risks living his only and therefore such a precious life in the play, where he has only the role of an actor. In this case, the very “good” and “wise” people with the best intentions will be engaged in directing and producing: relatives, curious neighbors, colleagues, and friends.

Furthermore, this performance is very easily predicted, because it will be “correct” (“normal”) in the opinion of the absolute majority. It will be built on nothing else, as on stereotypes and mental patterns that exist in society. And the surrounding people are happy to share it with others in order to "teach them how to live."

We are told:

- diligently study and finish school with honors

- now go to college

- It is time to find a "decent" job, isn’t it?

- you must marry

- why still no children

- THIS topic is not accepted to discuss, and THAT outfit is only suitable for weekends at the cottage

- why haven't you taken a mortgage yet?

- what? Are you a woman and work on a male job?

- what? Are you a man and you allow yourself weakness and open expression of emotions?

Stereotypes stifle thinking, limit the horizons, deprive freedom of expression. And the most terrible thing is that they are passed down from generation to generation, supported, cultivated, deeper and deeper rooting into human consciousness.

When the curtain of stereotypes and patterns is in front of our eyes, and movement through life is guided by a scenario approved by society, it is practically impossible for non-standard ideas and global goals to change this world.

How can you remain open to the world, when they dictate what to do and what to believe behind your back? How can one find what is really important and necessary for a person if he is focused on other people advice and plays in someone else's performance?

Each person (each!) has the potential to write a script for his or her life. It will never repeat anyone else’s. No matter how similar people are, everyone is given the opportunity to write their own story. If you worry about what society will think about a person who is moving away from accepted patterns, then you will never be able to live your life in harmony with yourself. Something inside you will always resist imposed actions, ideas, and values.

It is not necessary to finish a law school only to please the parents. No need to marry someone because this person was approved by friends. Do not stay at work / in the city / with people where / with whom you are not comfortable.

There is always someone who does not like your choice. But this life is only yours. And there is only one. Live it the way you want it to be.

Do not worry what other people think. I don’t care and I advise you to do the same.