DS #4. Heart VS Brain.

Daily Scribbles #4 What helps me make the right decisions in my life?

Being in my 30s, I reasonably should say something about the importance of considering a situation, which needs a decision, thoroughly, elaborating evidences, coming up with the most appropriate options. That’s what “adults” do, isn’t it? They reflect, contemplate, reason, and, finally, solve a problem.

But the truth is, I can’t remember a single example when I used reasoning above feeling. What leads me through both the easiest and the hardest decisions are my heart and gut feeling. I never care if my decision sounds sensible and “adult” enough. Should I? If something feels opposed to what I value, reminds me of a brick wall or trapping net, why should I create arguments to decide on staying inside when everything inside me longs to defeat these barriers?

Passion is what lets you find a flow and stay in it. And it’s never found by reasoning. You can feel what is right or not. Your inner self already knows where you are heading, and it gives you kind of signals you must be willing to recognize.

I’m not saying there is no sense in thinking over something that has to be resolved. I’m just trying to explain why it can’t do all the work for you when it comes to making a bigger decision like changing your job, finding a perfect hobby, making friends with that remarkable (for you) person. What makes one job nicer than another, one hobby more interesting and that person (more) remarkable is your heart, your feelings, and not your brain.

Whenever I make a decision by following my gut feeling, it always feels right. Making changes or choosing between hundreds of options are never easy anyway, so why make it even more difficult by stressing over with never-ending contemplations.

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