Get out of the crowd

There is not a single person in the world who does not want to do something completely new, rethink common dogmas or break down patterns. Whatever this or that person says, in fact he wants to be heard, understood and get approval of his activities. There are no exceptions. No matter how self-confident and independent this one is, he still waits and gets approval: someone's praise, applause from the audience, bonuses at work.

I do not want to dwell on those who sit in the office from 9 to 6 and arrange nice dialogues with the employer in hope of getting extra zeros in their salary or a new enticing post. I do not conduct such conversations out of principle. What is written in the articles on how to ask for a raise, for me it’s a dark forest. I prefer doing my job qualitatively and I am sure that this is always noticeable to the manager and, sooner or later, brings a reward. When you work, there's no time to ask.

I do not want to dwell on those who spend most of their lives working, developing, improving, keeping up with the modern world. Who builds a career overcoming the steps with the ease of a sprinter. I respect such people, although I do not show them sincere interest. Choosing your sphere and successfully growing in it are a conscious choice and constant self-improvement. This is hard work, but also a recognition and honorary title of an expert in the field. I could grow, learn and become an expert on my first university diploma. But I chose a different path. And I do not regret anything.

I want to focus on those people whose vocation is creativity. Who among us does not aspire to art? Most of all kinds of hobbies are creativity in one or another of its forms. Everyone wants to create something or do something ordinary in a new way. Flipping through the Instagram or watching videos on YouTube, I see various products of the creative process, whether it's an author's photo session, notes of globetrotters or funny parodies. Even without a hobby, or preferring a sport to art, you are still attracted to creativity when you go to the cinema for a new film, when you buy a new book for leisure reading or look forward to a new article or a video of your favorite blogger.

A person is born, he learns to be one of, he goes through the usual sequence of kindergarten-school-institute. And then goes to work, one or two, replaces it regularly or remains faithful to one chair for many years. The goal is achieved - a person spends life, being one of. He retires and helps the next generation to go the same way, occasionally being distracted by long evenings thinking about what happened in his life. And what will never happen anymore. Everyone has a moment when they turn back and indulge in memories. And not the template home-work-home will be painted in bright colors.

Look around, you will see the framework that the conservative society has built around you. You will see yourself in the center of the template system, driven into the circular movement of everyday life. If of the awareness of this framework you do not get bored and do not get frightened by such a life, then your time to move has not come. Or you made such a choice yourself.

Few people know how it’s simple to stop being one of. How to get out into this world with your views different from everyone’s else. How simple it is to paint these everyday life, letting creativity into your life. Man and his ideas are the colors that draw a new reality, different from the pattern. The reality in which millions of writers, artists, designers, artists already exist. And how easy it is to be a part of this positive community. Every time a work is created and published by the author, for criticism or approval, in this reality a new spark flashes up, which will become someone's long-fallen asleep inspiration, and someone’s motivation to move forward.

There is no better way to be heard and get recognition, oral or monetary, than to share your creativity with the world. Get out of the attic your dusty paintings, drawn in the past decade from boredom, and send them to the gallery at the court of art critics and spectators. Get all your artistic handwritings covered with ink stains, corrections and sketches, reread, refine, believe that they are worthy of being read, and take them to the nearest editorial office, patiently waiting for an answer. Show the manager a long-thought-out architectural or other design project, explain its concept and propose to implement it. Close the browser tab with another angry response to the work of the film director, open a notebook, write your version of the script and show it at the nearest pitching. If the idea is worthy of setting, then it will find an investor. Do you exchange funny videos with your friends in non-trivial topics of your own composition? Create a channel on YouTube and share it with the world. Do you miss the Saturday day unable to find an interesting event on the Internet? Gather friends and organize it yourself.

You cannot change anything by just sitting still. Waiting for change is like standing in the rain and hoping an umbrella will grow above you or drops of rain will fly by. Many creative ideas are worthy of being realized. So many people could be inspired by their implementation and find themselves. You can stay in your cocoon, so familiar and comfortable, closed from the opinions of other people and silently cherish your ideas. Sooner or later it will come to someone else who will not be afraid to turn it into a work of art and show it to the world, hear constructive criticism and continue to move, given the general mood. And the remaining one sitting in the cocoon will spend the night looking at these works, looking at paints, listening to familiar lines or reading a discussion of a new design collection, which he himself so well imagined, but was afraid to create.

There are thousands of ways to stand out from the crowd, and only one to stay one of.