Dreams come true

Have you ever written a letter to Santa Claus / Father Frost? Sitting in the silence of your room, closing the door and muffling the light. Leaning over the sheet, displaying with inks sincere lines about the most secret desires. Hiding a tiny envelope in a secret place on the farthest shelf, a wide window sill or under your favorite pillow. Forcing yourself to fall asleep quickly, wrapped in a blanket so that the night would come and not frighten off the mysterious courier.

Do you make wishes on a bright night under the loud battle of majestic chimes during an upcoming New Year? When the whole country fades to hear their ringing. When all the dreamers turn to a whisper, so that only those who are destined to hear the cherished words would hear. Or maybe, according to a well-known tradition, they give these words to small squares of paper, then burn it down and throw the ashes in a glass. And after the most important words of this night, the sky lights up in loud blows of multi-colored explosions, symbolizing a new beginning.

Do you imagine for a moment what you want when you look at the starry sky at night? Sitting on a plane traveling secretly from the eyes of the people below, above the clouds covering the sleeping city, when no extra light and no sounds distract from a deep infinity dotted with billions of tiny burning hearers. Or sitting on the cottage porch, listening to the rustle of trees invisible in the night, and admiring the fabulous canvas from the distant planets that are burning to illuminate our world and let us believe in a miracle.

What do you think when you look, without blinking, at the row of burning candles decorating a culinary masterpiece? Do you enjoy them or cream patterns, or hurry up to try a sweet gift? Really, even for a split second, you do not have the idea that a fading flame carries with it all your questions, to help find answers to them, and all your desires to help opportunities being emerged.

Whichever way in the hundreds of existing ones, you make a wish, be sure it will come true. Dreams come true. Neither you nor I can know when and how it will happen. How much effort it will take and if we will need outside help. Where our dream will overtake us, taking us by surprise, or make us turn, change the trajectory a little and adjust the plan so that after the next turn we can catch it. No one can know what kind of material form it will take. Will it change according to one's own capricious desire or due to the revision of our values ​​by ourselves.

Somewhere there is a chancery, it must be, for all our desires. On one of the burning stars, it is simply necessary to conduct a kind of document circulation with all our dreams: big and small, simple and creative, ordinary and fantastic. And then there must be an employee, whom everyone chooses for himself: whether it's a Cinderella godmother, a muse, Santa Claus or a tooth fairy. And let these lines seem unreal and have no evidence. No one can forbid to believe in what he wants. Moreover, everyone needs something that he believes in and for whose help he secretly hopes.

Do not try to convince me that dreams do not come true. NEVER, in any case, convince others of this. Dreams are given to us just to be reached. There are no unattainable heights, impossible tasks, desperate situations. As there are no defective unfulfilled desires. When a person imagines something that later turns into a dream, he already has all the necessary skills to implement it. A person is not able to imagine what he cannot do. A dream will find its way under any conditions and available possibilities. You just need to go in the direction that you think is right. For everyone it's different.

And do not despair, dear dreamers. There is a fairy for every desire.