Don't justify yourself

Justification for those who are not sure what they did, doing, or going to do. Maybe a person doesn’t know why. Maybe he did not understand the causal relationships of the action.

Having felt a real reproach or a fictitious reprimand for him about a particular action, being not sure of the expediency or "correctness" of an act, a person unconsciously begins to defend himself, telling rational or insane arguments one after another.

People justify themselves for being late for a meeting with a friend or delivering a report to their boss, because at a subconscious level they feel pangs of conscience due to the fact that these actions were the result of laziness or inability to plan: time, effort, priority.

People justify themselves for reading unpopular literature, watching amateur films, following an unusual fashion, because they are afraid of the disapproval of a crowd worshiping mass demand, and their own preferences are recognized, by themselves or by the masses, as “abnormal” or “wrong”.

People justify themselves for the lack of a “prestigious” education and permanent work, for living outside the popular layout of the family and the stages of growing up, because from all sides there is a heap of overestimated opinion of a pattern-living society that has long drowned in stereotypes and stigmatization and is not able to escape from this “logically correct” abyss.

When a person is confident in his position, his opinion and desires, he voices, if necessary, the result, and not the arguments in favor of the viability of the action. He does not need to explain what he did, how, and why. He tells only a brief and confident goal or a sincere personal attitude.

I wear this thing not because someone praises it / it costs a lot / they all wear it. (Underline whatever applicable)

I wear this thing because I like it, but I don’t have to explain it to others.

I am writing this text because ... Why are you reading it? Answer, and continue this sentence yourself.

Not tired of justifying yourself?