Are you a dreamer?

I have a question. Can you answer what dreamers have in common? For all those who stare at the starry sky, the smooth surface of the lake or just fix their eyes on the wall, lost in the maze of their thoughts.

Contrary to all the patterns, attempts to create a society for a carbon copy, we all have completely different dreams. Their size, volume, length over time, the presence or absence of their colors and sounds, angularity or softness will vary from person to person. All these parameters will depend on many factors: age, upbringing, education, social status, presence of surroundings, hobbies, work, ambitions. Some dream of a soft toy or a new book, others about a good job and a new car, others about world peace. Incorrigible romantics want to meet their person, fans of science and fiction - to see the space and other civilizations, careerists - to take the coveted leather chair and loosen their tie. Yesterday's student believes in future success in the new endeavor, the generation Z sees the popularity and absolute financial independence behind the mountains that have not yet been overthrown. And someone is still in search of himself and his vocation and believes that the answer is somewhere close.

So, what do dreamers have in common? Roll up google, it's simple: they dream. Yes, so prosaic. We all dream. We visualize our main goal, we see ourselves in it, we feel the euphoria and delight of what has been achieved (albeit only in our thoughts). And now a little more prose: and a third of the dreamers are not destined to start living as they imagine. Because they will just not want to achieve this. Dream, but do not want to achieve it? How so?

Well, let's find out. Put all your tasks away for a couple of minutes and think: what do you want to achieve? Finally, do what coaches advise with such zeal: imagine your perfect day. Where you are, what is happening, what you are doing, how this day begins and how it ends. What do you feel? Do not worry and do not be embarrassed - it does not hurt. Everybody does it. "It hurts" begins later. The mind and body will rebel, and the dream will cease to seem a rainbow-colored pony with gold horseshoes. So how did we get here? I explain. The main question that really needs to be asked is a little higher. How we got here. Exactly.

How did you reach that moment to live the “perfect day”? What have you been doing and for how long? Was it as nice as the “perfect day”? No lyrics. This is the very moment when one half of the dreamers will doubt the correctness of their plans, and the second - despair, turn away from the path, hide the dreams in the safe, and break the key. Here you can argue - I will do it myself - of course, cherished dreams can and should be turned into goals, you should build a plan to achieve them, go step by step. It's like that. But let's be honest: Have you ever wondered what a person feels in the process of implementing this very plan? We are not cars, not robots. Even the most closed and independent of us have feelings. And still have their own special reserve of physical and mental strength, patience and perseverance. Still not clear? That’s OK, just a few more lines, and everything will fall into place.

Use your imagination. With envy and admiration, you look at your manager in an expensive suit, brand accessories, leisurely coming out of a luxury car, his calmness and self-confidence. Let's go get acquainted. What will we ask? No, not about the Cayman Islands, from which the boss just returned. Not about salary or a passion for golf. We will ask how he achieved all of this. More precisely - what he had to do, endure, do, endure, do, endure, and for how long. How many years he combined the unloved work with an interesting but difficult study, whether he quickly picked up the material, how he performed tasks on the way to work or at breakfast time, how many hours slept, how often carefree weekends fell out, whether there was a vacation. How many times he was wrong, how many - was betrayed, how many - is not understood. How many times was he lost and where did he get the strength to stand up, dust off and move on. No longer want to be the Big Boss? Okay, let’s go ahead.

Oh, this generation Z, sweeping around the world from an overdose of creativity. Everyone is - a designer, photographer or blogger. And models, businessmen (businesswoman!) And the creatives of all stripes. When you ask for a name, name all six positions at once - you will not miss. A couple of specialties this ambitious subject contains for sure. And, of course, there are those to whom they try to be equal.

Dear future designers, do you know how many nights your idol spent on drawings and patterns? How much of the last money spent on the fabric? How many attempts got until he made that is not a shame to wear himself? How much energy, time and hair were left on the path to international recognition?

Dear bloggers - future writers, do you know the speed with which books are written? Ones that can affect the soul? And how to publish it? And how much, in fact, editors pay for it? Are you friends with inspiration? And with self-organization?

As an astronaut, no one else wants to become? But what about diet, sports, exhausting training and the harshest conditions in orbit? Not as romantic as a selfie with Earth from the porthole, isn't it?

Visualization is a good thing. Presented - felt - broke into a Cheshire smile - went to charge positivity others. But seeing the result is negligible. Believing in your dream and seeing it clearly and in detail are the real keys to success. But there are more locks hanging. Ultimately, success is determined only by the struggle. With our laziness, fear, insecurity, bad mood, banal everyday fatigue.

There is an awesome quote from the legendary Oprah Winfrey:

“Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do”

Everyone has their own dream - big or small. But one thing the dreamers have in common is that everyone gets tired on the way to the cherished goal, everyone makes mistakes, everyone goes astray and finds the road again.

Think about what you need to go through to reach the goal. And if you are not ready to go this way, then either this is not your goal, or the time has not come yet.