Hi there! I'm Anastasia Kiseleva  

  • Obsessed dreamer

  • Dedicated believer

  • Poetry, Non-fiction & Sci-Fi author

  • Motivation & Creativity coach

And more

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I can help you come up with ideas and implement them


▸ Change jobs

▸ Learn a language

▸ Start business

▸ Write a book

▸ Make a movie

▸ Move to a new place with no stress

▸ Fulfill the dream of a lifetime. Or find one


I help those who:


"I do not know how"

"I can’t"

“I have no talents”

“I'm scared”

“I’m lazy”

“I'm shy”

“oh well…”

The approaches I use in my work:


› The development of creative thinking

› Detailed introspection through games and group exercises

› Removal of physical and mental blocks

› Building self-confidence

› Handling of motivation and discipline

› Time management for the lazy ones



I will give an impulse to move in the right direction. Preliminarily, we will define it together through interesting quizzes and creative team games. We will find (together!) time, strength, inspiration, and motivation. Fun pastime and realization of long abandoned goals are guaranteed. Complications are possible in the form of increased requirements for dreams, sharpening creative thinking and growing fountains of ideas.

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осталось только научиться мечтать Анаста



~ Moscow State University
of Printing Arts ~

- Faculty of Publishing and Journalism -

Graduated with honors

Editing and proofreading fiction translations

~ Wesleyan University ~

Creative writing


350+ published articles on self-development, motivation, art, studying (english + russian)

20+ published short fiction stories (english + russian)

Poetry book "Out of here" (english)

"It's only left to learn to dream" (Non-fiction, russian)



~ University of Rochester ~

Self-Determination Theory: an approach to motivation, development and wellness

~ Imperial college London ~

Creative thinking: techniques and tools for success

~  Transformation Academy ™~

Life coaching
Career coaching


The author's program for achieving goals "Target role modeling"

Some parts of the program are included in recently published:

"It's only left to learn to dream" (Non-fiction, russian)

200+ hours of personal life and career coaching

1500+ students of creativity workshops

Researching and Writing